Our Philosophy

Are you thriving or merely surviving?

Our need for food is primal, but our relationship with it is complex and often emotional. Our health, our nutrition, and our exercise needs are ever-changing throughout the various stages of our life.

Heather's philosophy at Essential Wellness NW is for clients to eat delicious yet easy to prepare food and gain the knowledge and inspiration to choose health-giving foods for every moment—food to share, food on the run, cooking for one, family food, food for exercise, good mood food, and food for celebration. If you think about it, almost every occasion in our lives revolves around, requires, or deserves food. Do you always know how to get it right for you and those you love?

Whatever your food preferences or sensitivities, with motivation and inspiration, Heather makes it practical and achievable for you to make the most nutritious long-term food choices every day to achieve vibrant energy and your best of health.

With knowledge of science and functional medicine, together we will explore food as an agent of healthfulness to meet your specific individual needs. I believe we are still able to eat with pleasure in mind, while achieving optimum nutrition and our desired health state.