Introducing Essential Wellness, NW

Tuesday 15 August 2017

A lot has happened over the last few years and I wanted to bring you up to date and share all the changes with you. ~ u

For those of you who don't know, I moved my practice, 'Inner Balance Massage Center', in 2015 and the changed the name to Essential Wellness, NW. The new name is because new things are happening!

Three years ago, I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. It's a decision I made based on years of learning to heal my own body and my passion for clean, nutrient dense foods in their whole forms (fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and organic and humanely raised meat) and how what we put into our body is so specific to each of us.

And then life happened.


My daughter was born in 2014 - and she is amazing and beautiful and wonderful. I was back to work in May, and in August of 2014, I was in a car accident that resulted in severing two fingers, as well as severing every ligament and every tendon in my hand and wrist (you know, the stuff that holds your hand together.) Which as you might guess, isn't great for a massage practitioner!

After a year and a half of rehabilitation, the doctors were hopeful I might be able to return to massage therapy. At the end of 2015, it was clear that I would no longer be able to massage professionally.


While I was recovering from the accident, Amber Carmel was taking incredible care of my clients, as many of you know. I am excited to announce that Amber Carmel has taken over Essential Wellness NW's massage practice! I am an active and engaged mentor for Amber, and you are in wonderful hands. Please take the opportunity to Schedule a massage with Amber, she's fantastic!

If you've worked with me in the past then you know that I care about how your body, mind and spirit work as one. I am absolutely amazed at the strength and resilience our body has despite our best efforts to break it down, often without even knowing. I learned (years before it was common) that I have a severe gluten intolerance. Going through the experience of being gluten free sparked my interest in learning more about how REAL food, and proper supplementation, can help heal our bodies.

With four major surgeries, anesthesia, pain medication, and hormone therapy during pregnancy (all in a 14 month period!), I have learned first hand that what we put into and expose our bodies to not only affects our bodies, but our mind and spirit as well.

I am grateful to bring these experiences to my practice so that I am better equipped to help my clients on ALL levels.

I Work With People Who

  • Struggle with fatigue
  • Have brain fog
  • Struggle with weight gain or weight loss
  • Struggle with constipation or diarrhea
  • Have achy/painful joints and muscles
  • Have skin irritations
  • Have low energy
  • Have a lack of motivation
  • Are constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Can’t seem to remember sh*!
  • Or something just doesn’t feel right, you just feel off…

I believe these symptoms can be a result of food allergies, food intolerance, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, unresolved emotional stress, difficulty in trying to find your path towards your life's purpose, or perhaps your lack of connection to community, spirit, God. 

My education has taught me to look at each individual as a BIO individual. What this means is we will formulate a plan that is specific to you. We are not all physically created equal, we have to consider our family history (our DNA), our home and work environments, our limitations (we all have them!), etc. 

We begin with my in-depth and amazing discovery process that will help determine exactly where we need to start to get you on the road to healing. No funny magic tricks - just real foods, an open heart and a willingness to heal.

It's an individual journey, and I'd like to hold your hand and work with you on your path towards healing.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you and offer an introductory Free 30 minute consult to talk about how nutritional therapy might be beneficial for you. Please contact me to schedule a time that works for you!

As we are in the Farmer's Market season it's a great time to check out the "Dirty Dozen & Clean 15" list. And for those summer parties, a delicious and (literally) nutritious Almond Parfait Dessert!

To Your Health!

Heather Halliday, NTP, CFSP, CNE, LMP
Essential Wellness, NW